Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

For the purpose of this document, the following definitions apply:

  • “Us” / “We” refers to Segatours.
  • “Our” refers to the resources/services that belong to or are used by Segatours.
  • “Segway PTs” refer to the Segway Personal Transporters utilised by Segatours.
  • “Segway Experience”/”Segway Experiences” refers to any of the activities offered by Segatours involving the use of Segway PTs.
  • “Instructor” / “Guide” refers to employees of Segatours who provide training in the operation of the Segway PTs and or whom deliver any of the Segway Experiences offered by Segatours.
  • “You”/”Your” refers to the person making a booking for a Segway Experience or any person signing these terms and conditions.
  • “Rider”/”Riders” / refers to every person who participates in a Segway Experience.
  • “Responsible Adult” refers to a person aged 16 years or over, who if not one or other parent, has authority to act in “loco parentis”.


2. Booking

When You make a booking for a Segway Experience with Us, You must read, understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions in this document. If You are booking on behalf of others, You are responsible for ensuring that they also understand and agree, as you will complete the online registration form on their behalf. The terms are listed here in full and are available prior to making a booking.


3. General Terms

Our Segway Experience will operate in almost all kinds of weather; however, We reserve the right to cancel a booking if We consider the weather conditions adverse enough to affect the safety of Our Riders. If in any doubt, contact Us on the day of your scheduled booking. If a Rider arrives late they will not be permitted to participate and no refund will be given. If a Rider or group of Riders arrive late, and they are the only riders for a particular booking, at Our discretion, the booking may proceed – but for a reduced duration equivalent to the remainder of the allotted time.

Each Rider will be required to sign a printed legal disclaimer. If a Rider does not sign this, they will not be permitted to ride and no refund will be given. Any Rider under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult and must have the printed version of this signed by a Responsible Adult.

Any photographs or video material captured by Us during any of Our Segway Experiences may be used by Us for promotional purposes, including publication on Our website.


4. Rider Requirements

Riders failing to meet any of the following requirements will not be able to participate in any part of the Our Segway Experience. Cancellations will be subject to the standard Cancellation Policy:

  • Riders must be at least 10 years of age.
  • Riders under the age of 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Riders must weigh at least 30kg (approximately 4.5 stones / 66 lbs).
  • Riders must be no heavier than 101 kg (approximately 16 stone / 224 lbs).
  • Riders must wear a helmet. Helmets will be provided.
  • Riders must wear suitable footwear (e.g. trainers or comfortable shoes).
  • Riders must be able to stand for the duration of the experience and without stopping (for toilet breaks, rests etc.)
  • Riders must be able to step onto and off the base of their machine unassisted (following training). The step is approximately 8 inches / 20 cm tall.
  • Riders must be able to lean from side to side and forwards and backwards, whilst standing upright on the machines.
  • Riders must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Riders must follow the instructions of their Guide – at all times – relating to all aspects of Your Segway Experience. Failure to follow such instructions will result in the Segway Experience for the offending Rider being cancelled.
  • Riders must have adequate vision in order to safely operate a Segway PT, and must wear any prescribed glasses where appropriate.
  • Riders must inform their Instructor of any vision impairments which may affect their safety before participating in Our Segway Experience.
  • Pregnant women or people with back injuries and/or other serious health problems should not participate in any of Our Segway Experiences. You are advised to seek medical advice before participating.


5. Acceptable Behaviour

We have a zero-tolerance policy concerning any verbal or physical abuse against Our employees, customers, equipment, operating environment and any third parties who may be present. If We deem any Riders to be abusive, they will not be able to participate in any of Our Segway Experiences. This includes but is not limited to aggressive, dangerous and intimidating behaviour or language. We will not hesitate to immediately inform the police if behaviour warrants their attention.

  • Riders are not permitted to smoke at any time whilst operating a Segway PT.
  • Riders are not permitted to use handheld mobile phones, cameras or recording equipment whilst operating a Segway PT, unless the Segway PT is stationary.
  • Riders are not permitted to stop the tour to make use of their mobile phones, cameras or recording equipment, unless at a location designated by the Guide.
  • Riders must not drop litter at any time during Your Segway Experience.
  • Riders must follow Our guide generally in single file and adhere to instructions given by Our tour guide unless the tour will be suspended until a safe riding style is adhered to.


6. Cancellation Policy

All cancellations – regardless of reason – will not be refunded if booked using a voucher. In such cases, alternative dates and times will be offered, except as outlined below.

  • We will only offer a full refund including the return of any Deposit paid (excluding voucher bookings) if notification of a cancellation from a rider is received more than 7 clear days prior to the scheduled booking commencing. Notifications of cancellation can be made via phone or e-mail and must include the booking or payment reference, and written confirmation will be given of acceptance terms.
  • Notifications of less than 7 days but more than 48 hours (2 clear days) we will endeavour to reschedule the booking for a more suitable time.
  • Notifications of less than 48 hours (2 clear days) no option to reschedule will be provided unless the original timeslot is resold.
  • We reserve the right to prohibit any Rider, prior to commencement, during training or during operation, from participating in any of Our Segway Experiences, if they fail to meet the Rider Requirements or do not maintain at the tour guide’s discretion and acceptable behaviour, as specified in these terms and conditions. In such cases, no refunds or alternative dates will be given.
  • If We cancel a Segway Experience due to prevailing weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances (e.g., technical difficulties), a refund (excluding voucher bookings) or alternative dates/times will be offered. We will endeavour to inform Riders of such cancellations using any contact information supplied at the time of booking. When such a cancellation occurs, You accept that We are not liable for any losses any affected Riders may have incurred.


7. Liability Waiver

There is a risk of death or injury when using a Segway PT. We will provide sufficient training so as to minimise all reasonable risks, however, You acknowledge that Our Segway Experience is undertaken voluntarily and at Your own risk.

You agree that We are not responsible for any personal injury, death, loss or damage which may occur, unless it occurs as a direct result of Our negligence.

If You cause any damage, loss, injury or death, as a result of inappropriate actions not resulting from Our negligence, You accept liability for those actions and agree to be held accountable for them.

Our contact telephone number: 01444 360 275